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Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal

Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal is an intercontinental Islamic Asset Management, Development & Regeneration Charity based in the UK. Founded by the will and grace of Allaah SWT in August 2012, Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal aims to demographically alleviate all common and long standing obstacles confronted by both Islamic institutions and the local communities they strive to serve.

Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal is designed to rise up to the 21st century challenges faced by the Muslim and prospective Muslim Ummah in financially, socially & ideologically turbulent modern times.

We passionately believe Islam is the only exemplary system of comprehensive social excellence, and hence, is the only viable solution to the predicaments being faced by our modern developed world today, worryingly on which, our modern developing world is gravely reliant upon. However, we also firmly acknowledge the facts on the ground and grassroots level, which indicate it being far from that, and thus rather, on the contrary, Islam is fast becoming part of the problem and not the solution that it ought to be.

At the centre of our statistical diagnostics lies our wealth of contemporary front line empirical knowledge surrounding natural Muslim population increase, community expansion and subsequent in-migration alongside the unprecedented challenges all this is presenting to our existing Islamic assets, vast majority of whom, are charities already stretched to their very limits. This unfortunate reality is causing severely detrimental impacts on local communities and the wider society’s quality of life as faith and social needs are not being adequately met or in some cases, are not being met at all. The societal repercussions from these concurrent pressing issues are being involuntarily endured by the whole Muslim and prospective Muslim Ummah respectively at all their geo-demographic levels.

Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal is the pioneering Islamic initiative which provides Muslims with a systematic, strategically sophisticated and strictly Shariah compliant platform from which today's fundamentally critical current issues are addressed head on. We intend to dramatically ease the Ummah’s institutional and social stress’s and strains without compromising local aspirations in return for increased promotion & redirection of public funds to where the need is greatest globally.   

Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal will strive tirelessly to ensure all Islamic assets in the UK are able to efficiently present Islam as a viable solution to modern day society with its continuous qualitative studies, multicultural & multisectarian knowledge, extensive NGO/Charity sector experience and its pioneering asset management expertise incorporating the ‘Back-to-Qur’an-Back-to-Sunnah-Back-to-Basic’ strategy at all levels of its service delivery.

In sha’ Allaah, Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal will ensure Islam is advanced, and most importantly, prescribed in an exceptionally contemporary but naturally Islamic fashion by serving all of humanity through proficiently managing, developing and regenerating the assets of the Ummah, all the while, uniting the Ummah in working together through recognition of our common local and national aspirations. Please see What We Do for further in-depth details of how we plan to achieve this vision and mission.

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None of you (truly) believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself. - Bukhari & Muslim