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Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal
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Hold tight to the Rope of Allaah SWT all together and be not disunited among yourselves. - Holy Qur’an 3:103

Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal is a strictly Sadaqaah Jariyaah initiative like non other, and we hold firm to the Shariah rulings on Sadaqaah being Amanah thus prohibiting us from deducting anything from the Sadaqaah given to us by members of the general Muslim public. We are the first ever and only Islamic asset management charity of this magnitude, transcending all our differences by being openly non political and non sectarian to cater for the common needs and aspirations of the whole Muslim Ummah as one body that it is. Having said this, we are well aware of the contentious issues within the current Muslim Ummah and therefore have strict terms and conditions outlining our policy of assistance and interactions. In short, Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal will work under the jurisdictions of the Qur’an and Sunnah only and does not and will not partake in anything more or less then that, adhering strictly to its important impartial status. We respect differences of opinion and champion diversity according to the Holy verses of the Qur’an and universally agreed upon Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw), and so we allow this to be our sole motivation and principle driving force behind the work we do.

Without a real sense of unity there can never be prosperity. We should all remind each other that Allaah SWT is the Supreme Judge of all Judges, and hence,  we should leave the judgement unto him while we concentrate hard on propagating HIS undisputable words and the universally accepted Sunnah of HIS final messenger (saw). We are not scholars but we have unrestricted access to some of the finest in the Muslim world, constantly learning and being guided by their knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is power only if it’s put to practice and that’s where Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal comes in as the cream of practical Islam.

We as an initiative of the Ummah feel it is paramount that we are 101% transparent in everything that we do and in sha’Allaah our transparency will be unprecedented and unmatched. Every single penny we collect will be transferred on a monthly basis to qualifying assets of the Ummah as we do not have any costs attributed to our service delivery. Any costs that will be incurred by Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal has been unanimously agreed upon by its Management Committee to be met privately by the founders of Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal as Allaah SWT has bestowed all of us with sufficient wealth and provisions, Alhamdulillaah.

Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal is managed by its principle founder & CEO and is governed through a management committee of ten Trustee Board members under the joint chairmanship of its co-founding president and vice presidents respectively. All eleven brothers and sisters behind Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal are ordinary third generation young Muslims born, bred and currently residing in London, UK. They all have a life time of Islamic knowledge gained predominately from the fruits of the previous generation’s hard work, to which they are forever indebted to.

Although the eldest member of Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal is currently 29, two of their members named below have been married for some time now, and between them both, have “nearly” six fourth generation Muslim siblings, Alhamdulillaah. All  named below are 101% volunteers and devoted to attaining only one thing from Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal and that is the pleasure and forgiveness of Allaah SWT through practising the greatest Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) and that is the Prophet’s (saw) Passion.

1. Br. Aminul Hoque BA (Hons)Founder & CEO, Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal

2. Br. Mubinal Haque BA (Hons)Co Founder & President, Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal

3. Br. Shahajul Hoque BA (Hons)Co Founder & Vice President, Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal

4. Br. Shamul Haque  – Co Founder & Trustee, Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal

5. Br. Hafizul HoqueCo Founder & Trustee, Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal

6. Br. Azizul HoqueCo Founder & Trustee, Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal

7. Br. Foyzul HoqueCo Founder & Trustee, Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal

8. Sis. A. BegumCo Founder & Trustee, Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal

9. Sis. R. Begum BA (Hons)  – Co Founder & Trustee, Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal

10. Sis. S. BegumCo Founder & Trustee, Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal

11. Sis. S. BegumCo Founder & Trustee, Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal

We are extremely pleased to announce our charity advisers have recently informed us that the Charity Commission will scrutinise Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal’s accounts more rigorously than usual due to its unique Management Committee structure. We don’t stop there; we have a policy of ensuring donors are fully in control of their donations with our strict standing order policy. Also, we urge each and every UK Muslim participating to judge us on our performance for 3 consecutive months from launch, and if for any reason at all we do not live up to our commitments, we strongly request everyone to immediately cancel their monthly contributions and encourage others to cancel also. Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal will even close its charity initiative completely as soon as this happens as we are not about accumulating wealth, but only for delivering phenomenal results. Please see Get Involved Now! for further in-depth details of our specially tailored and pioneering donation policy.      

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