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Indeed, those who have divided their religion and become sects - you, (O Muhammad), are not (associated) with them in anything. Their affair is only (left) to Allaah SWT; Then He will inform them about what they used to do. - Holy Qur’an 6:159

1. We offer Islamic Financial Assistance (IFA) loans which have potential to turn into 100% grants to new Islamic assets. Ummah Bayt al Mal is very passionate about this service because it stems directly from our founding principles of pro actively addressing the growing disparity between our service providers and service users especially when equal opportunity is etched into the founding doctrines of Islam.

As some sections of society flourish, others are deprived due to certain service’s being accessible and utilised easily by some communities while other community’s needs are ignored and thus neglected. With every achievement comes a challenge and some challenges need to be met promptly or otherwise the achievement itself is put in jeopardy.

The excellent Da’wah & cohesion work being carried out by our various Islamic assets up and down the country has lead to a steady increase in the number of people embracing Islam for the first time, and this coupled with the natural increase of Muslim ethnic minority populations alongside the steady majority Muslim population increase, is now causing rapid community expansion and in migration. Subsequently, new, ethnic and small Muslim communities are desperately struggling to access essential faith and community services.

Applicants will only be eligible for this IFA loan if they meet one of the following criteria:

Islamic asset is administered by/and is providing service to Muslim ethnic minorities and their local communities.

Islamic asset is administered by/and is providing service to new Muslims and their local communities.

Islamic asset is/will be first of its kind in a certain location/area.

2. We provide Islamic Emergency Intervention (IEI) grants. From our own research, we have discovered that an increasingly large number of our existing Islamic assets are in debt or in need of desperate expansion, and due to this, are having to waste a lot of precious time and public donation money on increasingly inefficient income generation projects and programmes.

We have also discovered that other Islamic assets are being directly funded and financed by un-Islamic means, which, in this day and age, is extremely regretful especially when there are now over 2.7million of us Muslims living in England and Wales alone. Majority of the Muslims we surveyed were unaware and disturbed by these largely brushed under the carpet facts. Ummah Bayt Al Mal will also be a platform for the Ummah to report these unethical instances which in turn will help us swiftly remedy these un-Islamic practices with the IEI grant.

Applicants will only be eligible for the IEI grant if one of the following criteria is met:

Islamic asset is currently in an interest based mortgage/or is currently considering taking up an interest based mortgage.

Islamic asset is currently being funded by Haraam / Illegal funds.

Islamic asset is currently on the verge of Foreclosure/Repossession/Islamic Mortgage Down Payment Deadline.

 Islamic asset has experienced sudden/ unexpected incidents that require emergency financial assistance.

3. We present Outstanding Islamic Achievement (OIA) awards in recognition & commendation celebrating our existing flagship Islamic assets. This award is in the form of six or seven figure grants to assist in completing existing projects swiftly or help start up new projects waiting in the pipeline. We have seen the magnificent community work our flagships are doing but also have inside in-depth knowledge of the challenges they are facing. Ummah Bayt Al Mal has learnt that majority of our flagship assets in the UK are under performing and nearly all of the Muslims we surveyed on our findings agree. The facts on the ground also indicate this growing reality as social problems are on the rise especially Islamaphobia, crime, unemployment and dysfunctional community cohesion. There are even flagships that are still under construction or not even built yet. This is frankly just not good enough, especially when there are well over 2.7 million Muslims in the UK. Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal believes that all our flagship Islamic assets should now be fully resourced, functional and offering the desperately needed Islamic services to all sections of their societies. Furthermore, we passionately believe monies generated internally for above mentioned reasons should be exhausted on Islamic social projects which serve the local communities and not construction projects. All nominees for the OIA award must meet the following criteria:

Islamic asset must have proven track record of community service for at least 7 years or more.

Islamic asset must be a registered charity or registered limited company.

Islamic asset must have a valid planning permission from the local authority.

Islamic asset must be providing service to the community which caters for a minimum of 2500 people weekly at time of nomination.

4. Exclusive & Pioneering Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal regeneration and development projects focusing on areas of essential Islamic community services currently not being offered by our existing Islamic assets. These will be 100% Da’wah orientated, fully Shariah compliant and mutual community cohesion projects advancing Islam practically by helping our society and serving future Muslim generations to live without having to compromise their beliefs. Listed below are just a few of our confirmed pioneering projects we are currently working on in the UK.

Islamic National Primary & Secondary  School Trust

Islamic Idea Stores

Islamic Public Libraries in every major city or town

Islamic Mainstream Competitive Supermarkets in every major city or town

Islamic National Radio Station

Islamic National Matrimonial Foundation. Providing free education & events for families

      and individuals, exploring Islamic marriage in the modern world we live in today

Islamic Care Homes for the elderly and severely disabled

Islamic state of the art inner city drugs, alcohol & gambling rehabilitation centres

Islamic National Domestic Violence/Abuse Advice/Intervention Services

Islamic Permanent Flagship Day Centres for UK homeless citizens

Islamic Arts Awards promoting Islam through mainstream channels  

Islamic Museums exhibiting our diverse Muslim culture, history and creativity

Islamic Art Galleries showcasing Islamic Architecture and Fine Arts

Annual Grant to EVERY Masjid in the country to provide Free Arabic Language

       Classes for children aged 9-17 and a separate grant for adults (18+)

Essential Resource Grants to all UK Masjid and Madrashas  

Special Projects designed to assist our Non Charity Islamic Assets to provide a better service

Fund Islamic Projects of unity and inclusion within Muslim communities

Annual Recognition Award for UK NGO’s & charities for exceptional services and projects

       benefiting the less advantaged & vulnerable sections of our society

Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal presents ‘The Division, Diversity, Da’wah and Deen Project’

5. Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal’s National Online Islamic HR Database to assist in providing quality home grown human resources to all our Islamic assets in the UK. This service will be launching momentarily, in sha’Allaah.

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